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As a boutique Creative Design agency, we offer a combination of services to produce a range of design products to be used in the every-day running of business.

With our broad range of technology and software skills behind us, we use our knowledge to enhance your brand and produce professional marketing and branding products that will increase your professionalism to your clients. 

Our Creative Design covers many products suitable for startup businesses right through to established businesses and in some cases even for personal use. From logo design and branding, professional and interactive PDF documents, modern PowerPoint or Keynote Presentations, to resumes and proposals. We’re sure we can create, design and modernise your next creative project.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.


Adobe PDF
Adobe PDF

We use Adobe PDF to create documents. We can merge documents, extract documents, convert fields to be interactive, send and track documents and a whole lot more!

Photoshop + Illustrator

Photoshop and Illustrator are another Adobe product and we absolutely love what we can do with these programs.

In photoshop we can create amazing effects and transformations with your images, we can remove or enhance features, we can create documents, templates and a whole heap of other exciting stuff.

In Illustrator, we can create amazing logos, vector images and shapes, print templates and so much more.

We use these two programs every day!

PowerPoint + Keynote

PowerPoint (Microsoft) + Keynote (Apple) are applications we use for our presentations. We must admit, we are Microsoft based, but as Apple is the other popular choice amongst users, we keep up to date with their technology too.

When creating our presentations, we design them with popular modern features, styles and layouts while using your content.

InDesign + After Effects

InDesign is the app we use to create books, spreads and calendars. It’s a fantastic tool to keep the project streamlined, linked and allows us to match our print suppliers settings with ease. Another tool we love.

After Effects is an app we use to create animations! We love what this tool can do to adverts, logo reveals, web page intros and short animated videos.

InDesign + After Effects

Lightroom is a great photo-editing tool. We don’t use it as much as we would like too, but we do keep up to date with its features and filters.

Premiere Pro is a new application we have started to use a lot more. This app allows us to produce timeline-based videos and it’s editing capacities are great. Keep an eye out for more of these videos by as we continue to train and learn all its greatness.

Our Services - SnowLake Marketing Design
Are you needing a new logo?
Perhaps you are thinking of rebranding?
Or maybe you just need a minor alteration or information from your current logo? We can help you out!
Are you looking to streamline your brands appearance? Our range of design skills and knowledge over multiple software platforms will help streamline your brand and increase your brands overall appearance and professionalism. Contact us today to discuss your options!
No more boring Presentations!
We design modern and appealing PowerPoint + Keynote Presentations that will keep your audience engaged! We also cater for none-timed and timed presentations. Speak to us today to improve your presentation!
Do you want a professional document that gives that WOW factor? We will transform your content that flows nicely, includes images or graphs, and that can be filled out and returned online to save time and more importantly our trees! Contact Us today to discuss your options.
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